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A boy and girl taste flavored ice while sitting next to each other on the counter.

Elementary Student Inspires Family to Start Flavored Ice Business

Jennie Harris

“He’s the brains and inspiration, and we’re the grownups who have to do all the stuff,” Lauren laughs while speaking of her son, Everette.

A couple of summers ago, the Wilson family test-tasted a lot of shaved ice while on vacation. It was an easy choice for dessert because gluten and dairy-containing foods make Everette sick. Once back home in Ellwood City, they researched ice-shaving machines and flavorings. They opened Ellwood Ice—referred to as “the shop”—in early 2023. This past winter they expanded into the space next door to accommodate indoor seating and private party space.

“We have like 30 flavors,” says Everette. “And we have all different kinds of ice cream and toppings. My favorite kind of ice cream is the dairy-free vanilla.”

He describes a typical day at the shop: “Normally when we open, in 30 minutes we average more than 20 customers. I fill the pop, napkins, ice chips, and spoons. And we have color-changing spoons—that was my idea.” He takes orders and payments, too.

“When someone orders, you write what they want on the cup. Then they pass the cup to my dad. He fills it with ice, and then my mom will flavor it.”

The whole Wilson family plays a part in the shop, even Everette’s little sister, Lillie.

Everette can’t believe that their business idea came to fruition. “It’s crazy, in a good way.”

“Everyone who comes is nice, and they’re always smiling when they leave,” he says. “We make them fresh for every person."

PA Cyber families visited Ellwood Ice in May 2023 for a field trip. Everette showed friends and students the process of making icy treats and talked about owning a business. Everyone got their own ice, and many chose the featured flavor, “The Archie,” which was blue raspberry and sour apple.

Featured flavor, "The Archie" is shown to contain sour apple on one side and blue raspberry on the other. The words "Welcome PA Cyber!" appear at the bottom of the board.
"The Archie" was the flavor of the day when PA Cyber held a field trip at Ellwood Ice.

His future goals are “to make people happy. And to help more people, because every month we do a fundraiser for a different charity.”

An elementary student, Everette enrolled at PA Cyber in the fall of 2020 amid the pandemic but stayed because he enjoyed the flexibility of taking classes from home. “Our schedule has a million things in a week,” he says. “We go somewhere every day.” As a gifted student, he was able to accelerate his learning. He belongs to Cub Scouts and plays soccer and piano. During this interview, he played Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” with his fingers on the table.

Everette aims to be an engineer when he is older. He makes many multifunctional pieces out of objects he finds around the house. He buys Lego sets with tips earned at the shop.

“We’re really proud of him, and we’re glad that we have school choice and the option to do school a lil’ differently,” says Lauren.

Learn more about Ellwood Ice at or follow them on Facebook and Instagram @ellwoodice.

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Everette's goals for Ellwood Ice are to "make people happy."