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A screen capture of the online town hall showing students Carter and Georgia with Governor Shapiro. Each person is tuning in from their own computers.

Fifth Graders Pose Questions to Governor Shapiro in Youth Town Hall

A screen capture of the online town hall showing students Carter and Georgia with Governor Shapiro. Each person is tuning in from their own computers.

April 26, 2023

Two PA Cyber fifth graders participated in the Rendell Center’s Youth Town Hall on Tuesday, April 18. Governor Josh Shapiro responded to questions from fourth- and fifth-grade students from eight schools in the live-streamed event. Roughly 150 classrooms logged in to watch the town hall.

PA Cyber students Carter and Georgia from Mrs. Newell’s fifth-grade social studies class asked Governor Shapiro about the extracurricular activities he participated in when he was a student and how he developed leadership skills.

“I was very nervous, but I was privileged to be able to speak to the governor and ask my question,” said fifth-grader Georgia. “It was interesting to hear his answers to the other questions as well and to learn more about him, not just as a governor but as a person.”

The Rendell Center received more than 100 questions for the April town hall, and PA Cyber was the only school selected to ask two questions. Some of the questions that students from other schools asked pertained to the governor’s plans to protect students from violence and his plans to advance classroom technology. He invited students to continue the conversation by sending their ideas to him. He also encouraged students to challenge their teachers and to keep asking questions.

Mrs. Newell pointed out that the town hall gave a voice to students in district public schools, private schools, and, of course, PA Cyber. “Pennsylvania parents are fortunate to have the freedom to choose the best educational setting for each child,” she said. “At PA Cyber, we appreciate the governor’s understanding of the uniqueness of each family and his focus on preserving choice in education.”

Former Governor Ed Rendell and Judge Marjorie Rendell started The Rendell Center for Civics and Civics Engagement in 2014. The former governor said he hoped that students will consider careers in government. “If you don’t participate,” he said, “things aren’t going to change.”

Watch the recording of the town hall.

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