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Two school-age children hold stuffed animals while smiling

Little Veterinarians Gain Hands-On Health Care Experience

A child wearing protective gloves checks a stuffed dog for ticks
While role-playing as a vet, a student practices removing ticks from her patient.

February 20, 2023

Twenty students in grades K-5 graduated from Little Veterinarian School, held at PA Cyber’s Greensburg Regional Office in January. Over the two-part program, participants adopted puppies and cared for them just like real veterinarians. They learned how to perform a nose-to-tail exam, check for ticks, identify animal body language, and much more.

Parent Omar Wheeler said bringing his two children to Little Vet School “gets them to do things they normally wouldn’t do at a regular school. They learn how to take care of animals at home, and it gives them something to be proud of.”

The program began with students adopting their puppies and receiving kits containing medical supplies. In the first session, they wore lab coats and gloves and then examined their furry patients for wounds and infection. They interpreted animal body language and practiced stitching wounds.

Participants continued their roleplay in the second session. They learned several options for getting a dog to take medication, such as hiding pills in food. In the tick removal segment, students placed tick stickers on the puppies and then, while wearing gloves, removed the ticks with tweezers and collected specimens for lab analysis.

“We got to remove the ticks. It was so cool,” said Mia. “If you want to be a vet when you’re older, you can learn how to do it.”

In the vaccination lesson, participants pretended to be antibodies and then searched for their corresponding antigens in a get-out-of-your-seat matching game. They practiced filling syringes with water and tenting their pup’s skin on the back of its neck in preparation for the injection.

“It was so much fun,” said Jackson. “I liked squeezing the syringe.”

The class ended with students posing with their newly earned diplomas for a photo.

“The certificate is cool,” said Mia. “It makes it so real, like you’re graduating.”

The full class of little veterinarians stands side by side, holding up their diplomas. Each child is in a matching lab coat.
Little Veterinarian School graduates show off their diplomas.

One participant already knew she wanted to become a vet, and the class solidified her goal. “I’ve always wanted to be a veterinarian,” said Emily. “I can become one if I work hard.”

After the veterinarian program ended, several children resumed their school day by choosing a table in the flex space and logging onto their classes. One student visited the school nurse’s office.

PA Cyber connected with Little Medical School (LMS) in order to bring Little Veterinarian School to the Greensburg office. LMS provides children with hands-on STEM programming in health care fields. “This program is a unique opportunity for kids to have exposure to health care careers,” said Instructor Angela Singh. “There’s nothing else like it. In the future, there’s going to be even more demand for people to work in health care.”

Little Veterinarian School is only one example of the many in-person enrichment activities held at PA Cyber’s regional offices. With nine regional offices across the state, each one hosts a variety of unique opportunities for students to have fun while learning.

Students in lab coats hold up colored objects, looking for a matching set.
Students learn how antibodies and antigens interact in a matching game.

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