PA Cyber

Style Guide


This page contains a set of guidelines designed to provide a consistent visual identity across all PA Cyber communications. A coordinated identity provides greater brand awareness and clarity in all communications, and helps clearly position PA Cyber in the marketplace.

The guidelines set forth in this document should be followed uniformly throughout the organization as well as by partners and vendors. Questions concerning these guidelines, their application, or an application not covered herein, should be directed to the PA Cyber Marketing Department, attention Erica Manypenny, at or (724) 643-1180 ext. 7877.

PA Cyber Logo


To help maintain visual brand consistency, PA Cyber has selected a set of typefaces for use in its marketing communications. They are Museo Slab, Museo Sans and Verdana. The fonts are available in roman. italic and various weights. Verdana is presented below, along with suggested applications.


Image of Verdana font usage
Verdana is a system font available on all PC platforms and Microsoft Office. The font should be used in all Word and Excel documents, as well as PowerPoint presentations.

Color Palette

Color is one of the key components of the PA Cyber brand. This palette has been specifically chosen to reflect PA Cyber's new market position and messaging. The primary and secondary colors are noted in the chart below. To be effective, these colors must be rendered consistently across a variety of media. The chart provides formulas for creating the PA Cyber standardized colors in each medium.


Primary color palette for PA Cyber


Secondary Color Palette for PA Cyber

The PA Cyber logo is the primary graphic component of the identity system. The logo is the only acceptable symbol to be used to represent PA Cyber. It must appear in its entirety and may never be cropped, distorted or used on an angle. Only logos developed and distributed by PA Cyber may be used. Variants or facsimiles developed by partners or vendors are not acceptable.

A Horizontal version of the PA Cyber Logo has been developed fto serve as the primary visual element. The logo consist of an Owl Icon and the informal and formal names of the school, and uses the brand fonts and color palette.

PA Cyber Logo - Horizontal

A stacked version of the PA Cyber logo consist of the Owl Icon and the informal name. This logo is approved for limited application in situations where space is restricted, including promotional items, social media and signage. It may not be used on any item without advance permission from the PA Cyber Marketing Department.

PA Cyber Stacked Logo

Logo Guidelines


A grid has been placed over the logo and tagline to illustrate the proportional relationship of one component to another. Alteration of this relationship is prohibited.

Proportions for the PA Cyber logo

Area of Isolation

So that the logo may serve as an effective symbol, a minimum area of isolation has been established around the mark. No other graphic elements may infringe on this area.

PA cyber logo isolation guidelines

Size Restrictions

The logo has been designed so that it remains visually distinct in a wide range of sizes. A minimum length of 1.5 inches has been established to ensure clarity whenever the logo is used. There is no maximum size limitation. The logo should never appear smaller than another company's logo in any document, collateral or electronic copy. Exceptions to this policy may exist in co-branding situations. Please contact the PA Cyber Marketing Department for more information.

Smallest logo size

Improper Logo Usage

Do not distort the logo or alter its proportions in any way.

Stretched Logo

Do not intersect the logo with any shapes or competing visual elements.

Logo competing elements

Do not place the logo on any distracting or colored backgrounds.

Logo complicated background

Do not create and use color versions other than those provided.

Wrong Colors logo

Do not reverse the logo out of a colored background.

Reversed color Logo

Do not enclose the logo in a geometric or decorative shape.

Do not enclose logo

Do not change the arrangement of the logo elements.

Logo reversed elements

Do not change the proportion of the logo elements.

Logo proportion incorrect

Do not change the typeface.

Logo wrong typeface

Logo Color Variations

Use this version of the logo when reproduction constraints limit the use of color and complexity of artwork. To maintain brand consistency, the one-color logo should only appear in PA Cyber Dark Blue or black.

One Color Logos

Grayscale Logo

Use this version of the logo on photocopies, faxes, and business papers when reproduction constraints limit the use of color. To maintain brand consistency, the grayscale logo should only appear in PA Cyber Dark Blue or black.

Logo grayscale